Adventures In The Hills

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-Updated To Cyber Saga

ALPHA 1.7.1

- Added Stat chart and energy levels to the Character Wikis


-Revamped Character Info Page

-Re-named some pages

-Removed not needed pages

ALPHA 1.6.3

-New Links on home page

-Transparent Logo

ALPHA 1.6.2

-Hidden Update (Characters and Home)

ALPHA 1.6.1
-Updated and Fixed Character Info Page
-Removed Blogs

Adventures In The Hills is a Youtube series that I Justin, Created on June 9th, 2011. Adventures in the hills currently has 5 main characters; Justin, Donny, Kenny, Zach, and Alex. there are many minor characters. All of these characters being real people. The Youtube account is Magneno Inc. Channel. There are Currently 6 posted Seasonss (7 Sagas) and there are going to be 7 (Seventh and Sixth seasons will have 2 sagas), Plus 2 other movies. The major bad guys include: Jack, Dr. Death, and Redaro, Amar, Escarere, Cyber-Redaro, and one more.