Adventures In The Hills

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By Justin Ferrante


Table of Contents (Page 1)

Episode 1: Only Business | Pages 2-15

Episode 2: Freedom Travels | Coming Soon

Episode 3: The Silver Days | Coming Soon

Episode 4: The Paranormal Mystery | Coming Soon

Episode 5: The Arena Conquest | Coming Soon

Episode 6: A Corporation’s Timelines | Coming Soon

Episode 7: A Tyrant’s Attack | Coming Soon

Episode 8: Broken Fates | Coming Soon

Episode 9: The Hellish Corruption | Coming Soon

Episode 1: Only Business

It’s a sunny day out, now that winter’s ending. Not a cloud in the sky. Despite that, a giant shadow cast itself over the silent forest. A ship was falling from the atmosphere above. It landed in the forest with a bang. There was only one person there to hear it. But it was the very last thing he wanted to hear. Without a sound he started running as fast as his legs would go. After a while his legs wouldn’t carry him any longer, he was exhausted. “There’s no way… he’s… here!?” he gasped as he crouched below a tree, covered in sweat. He kept moving on, even though every muscle in his body screamed internally. He decided that there was no time, and no other way. He had to get his friends back somehow. So then, he picked up a large stone off the dusty floor and carved it with his bear hands. He bloodied his fingertips and changed the stone into an orb, using magic.

“This is the power… supposedly restricted even to the divine. Here I am, a normal wizard, violating everything the universe has put in place… but it’s the only way!” The wizard cried. Then suddenly, the wizard heard a voice.

“Xenova… where. Are. You.” The voice shouted from a far distance. The wizard, Xenoval, started again running. But he couldn’t go much further, so he hid himself and started to recover.

“Xenova… yeesh. Wherever you are you better come out quick, this planet may be the one we’re from but the weather’s gonna melt me! It’s much hotter than planet… well… Equinox now.” He said. He isn’t the same him, he even renamed Quantam after himself!? I can’t let brother get ahold of this wish orb, I’m going to have to find a way out of here. Xenova thought. But just then, a face appeared, in the darkness of shadows.

“Found you.” Equinox said. Xenova knew it was no use. He jumped out and faced him head on.

“Ever since almost a year ago, you haven’t been yourself! What happened to you, you used to be everyone’s friend. Your hunger for power has driven you mad, and there’s no going back you realize!” Xenova shouted on the verge of tears at Equinox. Equinox smiled creepily.

“Who cares. You were a fool if you thought for one second the Quantam race cared about you. The only way to get them to care is to show them just how much stronger we humans are!” Equinox smirked. Xenova realized in these last seconds… that there was no way this was his brother.

“You know… you aren’t even my brother anymore… you’re just a heartless monster!” Xenova desperately shouted at Equinox. Xenova ran and punched Equinox in the stomach. Equinox seemed damaged, but got back up, looking eager for a fight. So the two fought. Xenova used all the magic abilities he could but Equinox’s strength was overwhelming. Then, Xenova punched Equinox in the eye. His right eye burst, and his face was bloodied. He screamed in agony, and proceeded to knee Xenova in the chest and throw him across the forest. Xenova had almost been degraded to a corpse. Equinox looked at his limp, lifeless looking body. As he put his hand over his eye, he went over to the Xenova. He saw an orb looking thing and realized what it was. He picked it up.

“So you decided to go against even the divine? Pathetic.” Equinox muttered. But just then Xenova jumped up and used a spell to steal it out of his hands.

“I wish this orb to the other side of this planet!” Xenova shouted. The orb was gone. Equinox was even further angered, and tried to take out his revolver. But Xenova snatched it and threw it. But this gave Equinox the perfect opening to punch Xenova right in the throat. Xenova was down again, and to Equinox’s knowledge, for good.

“Good riddance.” Equinox snarled and left. But Xenova wasn’t dead. He was just hanging on to what life he had left. I used a spell to weaken him over time… so someone else on this planet might be able to defeat him. He’s going to have to cross the planet without a ship considering the only one he brought crashed. But I can’t just die yet… actually I can use that spell. I never thought it would come to this but… I have to trade my memories to patch up this body and regain youth. Xenova thought to himself. He didn’t even hesitate to put his hand over his heart, and drain what memories he had to become young again.

It’s nearing nighttime. Justin was running in the cold wind. He ran with a bag of food and a notebook. He gazed off into the amethyst sky, with a cold stare. He ran over to a wall where he could be sheltered from the harsh and frigid wind. He sat down on the earth beneath him, around the Sacramento area in California. He’s 15 years old, has a pretty much average build, brown eyes & hair, somewhat strong, about five feet and seven inches tall, and has tan-ish white skin.

“What have we stolen this time?” Justin asked himself. He opened the book to not find the private info he originally was going for but he had found private information just the same.

“A journal? Ugh, I just wanted money. ‘A normal life can be yours with money!’ They said.” Justin murmured.  Justin sat there puzzled at what to do while he ate his seemingly delectable food. After a while Justin opened up the journal and where there was blank space he decided he would write. Justin was born into a family, a very unstable one. He used to live on the outskirts of the strip in Las Vegas. His parents supposedly died in a car accident when he was 9. He didn’t even understand the pain he was so young. Then he lived with his single uncle, his only relative close to him. He lived a little ways outside of Sacramento, in California. But when Justin got older he left his drunkard uncle with a lot of cash, looking to do his own thing in the world. But instead of looking for any regular job, when Justin got out when he was 14 the first person he met was Allison.

Allison's older brother, named Brett, was running a gang of thieves that she was the youngest member of. Justin being only about a month older. Everyone else was at least 17. Nobody was older than 24, though. She had pity on Justin and invited him in, since they had a place to stay. Justin grew up with the gang and this rebellious lifestyle, but he really had a much meeker heart. He would live boastful and proud but didn’t really think much of himself. In recent times, Brett had been imprisoned and Allison had to take over. Although she was the technical leader it was Brett’s friends that really made the decisions in the group. Since Allison and Justin met, the initial spark had changed into an amazing friendship. She was basically Justin’s only real friend, and his absolute best one at that. They shared a lot in common and were both born in Las Vegas.

Even 14 year olds like these are able to get their hands on pretty good technology. Ever since the ever so short World War III, when all the technology had made a super quick advancement, even pretty complicated stuff was cheap. When the United States invaded Cuba with these newly made prototype exo-suits. The U.S.S.R. made their own and it became a race of technology course. The nukes were stopped with anti nuclear robots and anti-nuclear missiles. The expensive stuff was beyond extraordinary. It ended with the U.S.S.R.’s collapse. So now, caught up with the present, where Allison’s gang is facing adversity from another. This other gang is owned by a man named Albert. Justin and Allison’s gang goes out on raids and tries to get hold of some government-grade equipment to try and make stealing easier. But Justin usually never does the stealing, besides taking money that’s left over from raids. Earlier they were planning a raid to get some new equipment, but Justin at this point had forgotten about that. So here we conclude history up to this point. The date was March 21st, 2011.

Justin got up and stretched after writing down what he remembers of the past. But now, he was 15. His birthday was about a month ago. His phone started to vibrate and ring at the same time and he quickly answered it because it was late and he didn’t want anybody to hear his phone.

“Yellow? Oh, it’s you miss Jackson.” Justin welcomingly stated through the microphone of his phone.

“Yea, it’s me. But listen up messy boy, Albert’s gang is going to try and steal the sniper rifle one of our guys stole yesterday. We can’t have that. So I want you to go down there with a shotgun or something and show him not to mess with us okay? We’re still trying to steal ammo for the sniper so that’s why we aren’t using that.” Allison informed Justin. Justin agreed he would go in the morning but for now he would need to sleep. So after the call, Justin went to find a public bench, grabbed a blanket and slept there for the night.

Justin got up in the morning and went right to the hill where the sniper was hidden. Justin leaned through the wooden fence to see three people on a little cliff. It was Albert, one of his lackeys, and a victim.

“...It’s easy, just watch!” Justin could hear Albert saying. Albert shot the guy lying on the ground in the head and his corpse tumbled off the cliff. Justin watched in absolute horror. This lackey also looked terrified.

“I’m sorry sir but I just can not kill anyone…” his lackey said. Albert struck him down and told him to do his work, and then Albert left. The lackey picked up Albert’s shotgun, and he was headed for the location of the shotgun. Justin had a shotgun as well, but he would never shoot to kill. The lackey dude had just dug out the box with the sniper in it.

“Hold it right there!” Justin shouted while sprinting toward him with the shotgun. The lackey guy started running down the hill and he dropped the box while doing so. Justin tried to shoot him in the lower leg to stop him but Justin missed. The other guy had gotten to the corners of the fence, and turned around. But the second he turned around, Justin was already there and knocked the gun out of his hands. The lackey put his hands up.

“You know… I could kill you right here. This could be the end. If anything the world is telling me it’s your time, but since I hate death so much, I don’t see a point in killing you anymore. Get lost.” Justin told the guy. The guy looked at him with an absolutely astonished facial expression.

“Really…? You’re… NOT going to kill me? But I messed with your gang’s stuff and your leader-” He got cut off. Justin saw murdering as beneath him.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. You best be on your way punk. Now.” Justin shouted. The guy slowly started into a running pace and went the same way Albert did. Justin went down the hill, grabbed the box with the sniper, and was off. Justin had been surrounded by death his whole life, but he realized he never wanted to become the reason to a potentially good person’s end.

A few hours after the sniper incident. Justin had returned to the gang’s house, an abandoned little house. Justin strutted in through the back door.

“Hello?” Justin shouted. He heard a noise from the end of the hallway. He instantly knew somebody was here.

“What’s up, mess.” Allison said coming from down the hallway in her usual ripped up attire. The stern look on Justin’s face turned into a slight smile.

“Where’s everyone else?” Justin asked.

“They’re out doing work, we’re here alone.” Allison told Justin while smiling herself. After a few seconds Allison jumped on to Justin. He wasn’t expecting this as he was just kinda zoned out at the second. He fell back on the couch with her and they both were laughing hysterically.

“You really suck at reaction times.” Allison told Justin. He got up

“That isn’t true, I was just zoned out is all. You know that when I’m in combat I’m more than able to meet reaction times. I could probably even beat you.” Justin said. She also got up, and stared right into Justin’s eyes. Then she snapped and didn’t blink but it caught Justin off guard and he flinched.

“I’ll take you up on that reaction time thing later. But at not flinching, I’m better.” Allison claimed. They both sat down on the couch. Later on, another guy came in.

“What’s up?” Allison asked her gang member that had just walked in. Justin was practically asleep all over the couch but Allison shoved him off.

“Ow, what was that for?” Justin asked. The guy that just came in was trying not to laugh. “Oi, Lucas don’t laugh at me!” Justin yelled at him.

“Ha, sorry man! But anyway are we still going out on that raid tonight?” Lucas asked.

“Raid?” Justin asked. But before he could be answered he was instantly cut off.

“Yeah! Why else would we go get that sniper?” Allison rhetorically asked. Justin had it click in his head.

“So that’s why I had to go get the sniper…” Justin said to himself. Allison grabbed it out of the box a few feet away from her.

“Yeah, and I’ll be using it!” Allison confidently told Justin. She was a really good shot with a sniper.

“Alright well me ‘n the guys are ready whenever.” Lucas said. Lucas was the only other person Justin was sorta close with in the gang. He had spiky blonde hair and green eyes, with a red jacket. He was slightly shorter than Justin and his skin was slightly paler. He was two years older than Justin, though. Quite a confident, cocky guy kinda like Justin. But if the two were compared, Lucas was more cocky.

“Well then get the car ready, it’s almost sunset and if we wanna get the timing right we ‘ought to go soon!” Justin ordered Lucas.

“A’ight, SIR!” Lucas jokingly sneered at Justin. Lucas went outside while Allison was giggling over their rivalry.

After that Justin and Allison got ready for this raid. The exact details were told earlier, they were going to go to a play stage where in the back they actually rented a government-grade exo suit. It was going to be in use for an upcoming play but if they actually got a hold of it, it would make their jobs a whole lot easier.

Later on, they had just driven their old car to the theater. Justin was driving, he knew how to. A while ago his uncle taught him how to drive a car, but he wasn’t expecting him to use those skills at the time. They did come in handy later. Allison was in shotgun, Lucas and two other guys were in the back.

“Okay guys, we’re here.” Justin told the others. That gave him some flashbacks from other times like this. Times where he pulled up and they got out of the car and went to do their job. Different times of running through different hallways, sneaking by people, going as fast as possible to get out after having what they needed, sneaking through air vents, Justin had to fight some guys at some points. He was still living in what he considered to be the golden days. Back where he currently was, Justin got out of the car along with his crew. You could hear the play from outside.

“Alright guys… this is it. While the whole thing’s going on we have to get the exo from the back room. If we need to abort, we need Justin in this car.” Allison told everyone.

“So that means I get the exo?” Justin asks. She nodded. Justin was happy but everyone else seemed disappointed.

“But… he has no experience with exo suits!” Lucas said, and really annoyed Justin.

“Nobody here has any experience with exo suits! I have faith that he’ll figure it out.” Allison retorted at Lucas.

“Yeah Lucas! And uh… thanks Allison.” Justin added. The two other guys stayed outside while Justin, Lucas, and Allison planned to go in. So they used some old grappling hooks to get to the top of the building. Once they were up there the first thing was getting into the air ducts. Allison had to leave the sniper since it wouldn't fit. Once they were in, they got out a stolen map of the inside of the building.

“Alright, the closest point to the suit from the air vents is a few hundred feet from the actual suit. The exo suit itself is in the storage room which only has vents too small for people. We’ve avoided all cameras so far, but there’s only one problem. We only have to go down one hallway to get there, but it has 3 cameras.” Lucas explained to Allison and Justin.

“Alright, so we’ll just have to sneak around the cameras.” Allison said. Lucas nodded and the three moved down the air vent. But it was pretty small, for a few people.

“Dude Lucas you smell BAD.” Justin jokingly complained to Lucas who was in front of him. Lucas stopped and Justin had to stop before crashing into his rear. But Justin forgot Allison was behind him and she crashed into him.

“HEY! What’s the big deal!” Allison almost yelled flustered. Justin was feeling embarrassed.

“SHUSH They’ll find us if you’re not quite!” Lucas whisper shouted. Allison was about to yell again but kept quiet and they moved forward. They got to the point where they needed to drop. Lucas looked through the duct part on the bottom of the vent.

“Everyone’s at the show right now. As long as we dodge these cameras, we should be fine.” Lucas said to the two. He tried to open it but couldn’t do it after a few attempts.

“Oh scoot over!” Justin spat. He squeezed his way in front of Lucas and went across to the other side of the duct. He knew he had to open it from that side.

“Smartass.” Lucas smirked and remarked. Justin just smirked back. Lucas jumped down. He went to the camera that would move on a swivel to view the whole room and got it stuck in one place. Justin stuck his thumbs up below the duct so Lucas could see.

“Alright Allison go ahead down.” Justin said and looked up at her.

“How about you go first?” Allison asked Justin.

“Uhh why?” Justin questioned her question.

“It’s a long drop, I need someone to catch… you know what just do it idiot.” Allison told Justin.

“Yeesh okay.” Justin retorted as he jumped down, and fell over. “Ow crap! That fall actually sucks.”

“Alright at least try to act as a pillow for me.” Allison told Justin as she was jumping down. Justin tried to catch her and do so fine, other than him slipping again and falling over. She was fine, on his stomach.

“AGH MY STOMACH-” Justin struggled. Lucas covered his mouth implying that he might be too loud for the situation. They crawled along, making sure to dodge the cameras. Eventually they got to the room and shut the doors.

“Phew we made it!” Allison cheered and closed the doors. Lucas and Justin were too busy looking to say anything at the moment. After going through a few crates Justin found it.

“Aw yeah here it is!” Justin exclaimed. He got it on in a few minutes, it took some time.

“This’ll make our job a lot easier!” Allison cheered again. Lucas rolled his eyes.

“You make us sound like such a bad group of people.” Lucas remarked. Allison looked directly at him with a mad face. Justin was stretching out his new suit.

“How do you guys like the new look? Fancy enough for you?” Justin jokingly questioned.

“Guys…” Allison said but then Lucas started talking over her.

“Yeah yeah, when do you get to do the cool part?” Lucas jokingly asked. Then out of nowhere Allison ran out of the room.

“Allison what the hell!” Justin half shouted. But then simultaneously, the two in the room noticed. There was a brand new security camera in the room.

“Oh hell no.” Lucas yelled, but before he could also run, two people showed up at the end of the hall. Justin pushed a button on the side of the wall.

“This is a backstage trapdoor let’s MOVE!” Justin shouted. The two ran and the other two followed. Behind them were what they believed were two cops, one male and one female. One of them was wearing an exo suit. Justin and Lucas were running down the backstage hall.

“I’ll take the girl! You have the suit to get the other guy! And remember… stay strong!” Lucas yelled at Justin. Lucas hid and waited while Justin used the suit to grapple up to the second floor. Although, Justin was full of adrenaline and clumsy with the suit. Both floors were accessible from backstage.

“We know you’re there. Just come out quietly and tell us where the girl went off to!” The female cop shouted. The other cop went to pursue Justin. If I time this just right, I should be able to get outa here with Lucas! Justin thought to himself. The male cop grappled toward Justin but Justin grappled to the other second floor hall. He stumbled but he did it. The male cop followed. He jumped up above Justin but Justin jumped up and kicked him off the second floor balcony to the first. Only the male cop used the exo to suspend himself in the air.

“You’ve got a talent for using the exo and fighting kid? You’re a natural.” The male cop stated. The female cop was still looking for Lucas. Justin jumped and used the male cop as a stepping stone to jump into the air and grapple over to the other balcony. The cop went after him and jumped onto Justin, pummeling him. Justin was crawling slowly toward the balcony ledge. He got his head off, and then saw the female cop walk right near Lucas. Lucas grabbed her legs, but then she freaked out and shot him. Right in the head.

“...Lu..cas?” Justin mumbled, still in shock. Justin’s life was flashing before his eyes. Back in the day, Justin used to really get along with Lucas. Justin ended up seeing this one vision.

Justin was outside with other guys from the gang, Lucas was there as well. They were doing strength training. Justin and Lucas were paired up to have a sort of training fight.

“So, who are you?” Justin asked Lucas. He smirked as the hot sun was shining down in them.

“Name’s Lucas, and I know you’re Justin. Allison’s brother told me about you.” Lucas told Justin.

“Shall we begin?” Justin said confidently. Then they started, and ran toward each other. But Justin was thrown over Lucas. Justin was wondering what had just happened, he was sure he was tougher than Lucas.

“You’re probably flustered, but don’t worry. That’s a move to take down people stronger than you.

“Wow… I think we should team up.” Justin told Lucas more jokingly at that time.

“Hah, don’t get desperate. You need to stay strong yourself.” Lucas replied. It was funny how he could never see us teaming up. But yeah, that's who he was. He told me… to stay strong. Justin thought to himself. Justin then out of rage jumped up and used the same move Lucas did, on the male cop down the hallway. With tears in his eyes, Justin jumped and broke through the weak ceiling above. He flew out of the building, fell about 3 stories, and ended up on the concrete. His exo broke and he was just barely conscious. He wandered into some alley and passed out. Then he only got flashes of Allison finding him bleeding and dragging him back to base.

“He...llo?” Justin moved his head as he awakened in the base home. Allison and one of the other guys from that night were there.

“Oh hey Justin, I know this is sudden. You’re injured... but we have to go, Albert is attacking us again. I know that Lucas-” Allison was explaining when Justin cut her off.

“I don’t want to talk about him.” Justin groaned. Allison understood and continued her conversation. Then something came up. Justin walked in the bathroom as this was happening.

“Well Albert is not stopping his assault on us, so how about we go stop him at his base rather than meeting him where he plans? It’s just an idea me and the guys came up with.” The gang member said. She agreed to this plan but very reluctantly, for she knew what she would have to do. Then Justin came out of the bathroom.

“What’s going on?” Justin asked.

“Justin, I’ll tell you in a bit. And you, get out of here.” Allison told the other guy. The other guy left. Justin was wondering if she would tell him but she needed some alone time. So Justin went outside instead. He looked at the cars passing by on the road. All those people in all the normal cars probably had regular lives. Justin subtly loathed that they could have completely regular lives.

After a while of waiting, Allison called Justin back in. Justin walked in questioning what the alone time was about to himself.

“Okay. Here’s the deal,” Allison was telling Justin as he walked in, “You’re hurt, but still the best in combat we have here. I’m gonna need you to go with them to fight Albert and his gang. You’ll be leaving here in a few minutes, some of our guys are gonna pick you up. It’s gonna be a difficult mission and you might see a lot of casualties out there.” Allison explained to Justin, but more so that the others would see her say it.

“You realize I can still fight even in this condition.” Justin told Allison while looking down at a big bandage on his upper right arm. Allison walked outside and beckoned Justin to follow. Justin followed her. As he opened the door, a car pulled up. Looked dirt cheap to Justin’s eyes. The guy told Justin to get in so he did with the door still open. But before he could close the door Allison grabbed it.

“Look…” Allison spoke to Justin, “You may be the best fighter but I actually can’t have you go to that war. The whole conversation back there was a cover up, I couldn’t have the others hearing this. The Jeep is gonna take you somewhere safe. I can handle this with other people, you’re too injured to do this.” Allison finished speaking to Justin. Justin stared blankly. He couldn't really wrap his head around why she was doing this. Allison shut the car door. Justin didn’t move, he only thought to himself. Then as he was being driven away, he rolled down the window.

“DO YOU NOT BELIEVE IN ME? INJURED OR NOT I CAN STILL FIGHT! I’LL KILL THEM!” Justin shouted at the top of his lungs. He wasn’t stable after Lucas’ death, he didn’t know what he was saying. The car kept going and his seatbelt was stuck on purpose. He tried to release it but couldn’t. Justin was very mad at the moment, and that just made him pin it on her.

“Sorry.” Allison said to herself. She wasn’t going to the war either. She didn’t believe that they could win but everyone else was going and effectively, she had no choice.

Justin halfway into his ride was able to slip out of his seatbelt, using his bandage. He didn’t think he needed it anymore anyway. He pretended he was still in it and just sat there for a bit. Eventually he cupped both of his hands together and used the two as one fist to knock the guy driving out. Justin didn’t even recognize him. He could only think of how mad he was at Allison, endangering all those new fighters with nobody to guide them. Justin dropped off the body on the sidewalk, got in the car and found out where the battle was with a map in the glove compartment. The place was marked with an X. It was in San Francisco.

Justin drove to the place in the car eventually and prepared himself. He grabbed a 6 shot revolver and left the car without a word. Justin ran up the hill hearing gunshots and people already in gunfights. He was just angry now, agitated at what life had done to him. He darted behind a tree and when the gunfire paused he dashed behind a bush. He stayed there while he loaded his gun. Little did he know one of Albert’s guys was sneaking up behind him. He turned around with a revolver pointed to his forehead.

“Gotcha.” The guy said. He was the same guy as before, the one who tried to steal the sniper. They stayed in silence. Justin threw his pistol aside and put up his hands.

“Wha… what’s your name?” The guy said.

“Justin, and yours?” Justin said.

“Donny.” The guy, or Donny said. They stayed in silence for a bit more. Justin knew Donny didn't like to kill people from earlier, so he waited a little bit longer. Gunfire sounded in the background and Justin took the advantage. He hit the gun out of Donny’s hands. A fist fight between Donny and Justin commenced. Justin rushed Donny but Donny swiftly dodged, and shoved Justin to the side. He fell on his right and kicked up using his right foot and hit in the leg. Donny grabbed his leg and jumped backwards. Justin twisted using his arms and threw himself back up into the air. This time they both charged at each other Donny and Justin punched each other in the gut and they both stumbled backwards. There were gunshots going on in the background. Donny charged again at Justin but Justin ran toward a tree, hopped up, and kicked off the tree to try and land an aerial kick on Donny. Dony instead took the opportunity and threw Justin over his head. Justin landed on his hands and twisted his body and flipped back onto his feet.

“You know, your fighting style… no… just you as a whole reminds me of a guy I knew named Lucas.” Justin confidently stated, and then got a good body jab to land on Donny. Donny ducked for the second bunch and threw a uppercut at Justin and it made contact. Justin flew backwards onto his back, but got up fast. Justin ran toward Donny, charging him again. Donny deflected him into a tree again. Justin stopped on the tree and Donny ran in to try and get a punch on his back. Justin kicked backwards and made contact with Donny’s chest. This made Donny lose his footing and fall backwards. But he saw a thick branch from a tree on the ground. Before Justin could rest for a second and turn around, Donny picked up the branch. As Justin turned around Donny used the branch like a baseball bat and hit Justin right in the gut. Justin fell over, too injured to move.

“Well that takes care of that. I’ll just tell Albert that I killed you or something.” Donny told Justin. Donny picked up his gun as Justin was still in shock on the ground.

“Donny!” Some random guy shouts, “Albert lied, he’s killing everyone! He’s gone crazy! He’s not mentally stable, run while you can!” Donny turned to this in suspicion.

“He said he would just kill Allison’s gang.” Donny told the other guy. The other guy shook his head no and said, “I said he’s gone crazy he is-”

There was suddenly a glaring light that went through his chest. He was shot through the lung. He fell to the ground, unable to do a thing. Albert was standing with a revolver, with smoke pouring out the barrel. He walked over to Donny and shoved him on the ground near Justin.

“I’m very disappointed in you,” Albert said, “I told you that when you see them, you should kill them. But yet again, you decided to disobey me. You went against me for this idiot. What has he done for you? I don’t think you appreciate that I let you be in our group when I found you on the street. Who fed you? Who gave you a place to live? I did. So now I will do what is right.” Albert pointed his gun at Justin, with his back facing Donny. Donny got up and shoved Albert onto the ground.

“To be honest, Albert, you take all this credit but you never raised me. You let me in but the older gang members really brought me up. You only taught me one thing, and that’s how to hate you. You fat pig!” Donny yelled at Albert, while helping get Justin up.

Donny ran with Justin limping and running, while on his shoulder to a nearby tree.

“Why you!” Albert said and fired 3 shots with his revolver and was running toward them. Donny tried to shoot him but the gun didn't have any ammo left.

“Haha well, I guess I win.” Albert triumphantly spoke. But when he shot there was no ammo left. He checked for reserves in his jacket but he was completely out. They gave each other a very weird look. Justin had also finally been able to stand on his own again.

“Well whatever. I know what I must do now… I actually do have a plan. You know what steroids are? Well imagine something like ten times that and instantly. May be damaging to my body but I’ll get done with you two quickly.” Albert tormented. He pulled a large red and brown pill out of his jacket and swallowed it. His muscles swelled and he started yelling and laughing like a maniac.

“Oh crap…” Justin blatantly stated. Albert ran at the two in a maniacal fashion. Donny and Justin dodged separate ways, but Justin was having a tough time. Albert came back around and punched Donny and he flew backwards. His punches, well packed a punch.

“Ow… this… isn’t good…” Donny muttered. Justin was standing there on the defensive. But Albert was too quick and punched him right in the gut. Justin coughed up blood. Albert manically laughed but Donny came over and kicked Albert in the back. It actually made him move a bit. Then Donny unleashed a flurry of punches that actually did a little bit. But Albert hit him in the side and Donny was out of stamina. Albert kicked Donny while he was down, again, and again. He was laughing again, like a madman. But out of nowhere Justin came in and body slammed Albert. This actually made Albert fall.

“You dare you hit somebody when they’re down… I’ll make you pay in blood!” Justin burst out. Donny got up and was ready to fight again. Albert jumped up and hit Justin with another gutshot. Justin spit up blood onto Albert’s shirt.

“I said I’d make you pay in blood stupid…” Justin said as he lost his footing and was stepping backwards. Donny was on the offensive this time. Albert went to punch him but he put his two fists up and was able to block the attack. Justin got up and Donny hit him at the same time as Justin. The double attack actually did something and Albert was backing up and losing balance.

“This… means… nothing!” Albert bickered. Donny dodged another punch and Justin went around Albert and they did another double attack. Albert spit up blood this time.

“How? How could this happen to me!?” Albert shouted. Justin and Donny both smirked.

“This is only karma.” Justin answered. Albert tried to jump up but was hit with two kicks from two sides and it was too much for him. Albert was on the ground, out of stamina and completely exhausted. His muscles were getting spasms.

“You two, one day! One day you’ll face a threat so big, everyone you care about will die! They’ll all be ripped from existence.” Albert protested.

“Yeah, whatever man.” Donny replied. They saw the cops were arriving. The cars were just pulling up near the site.

“Well Donny, I think we should leave. But Albert here, has his fate sealed.” Justin stated.

“I guess… I deserve this after killing all those people... ” Albert croaked. Like that, he had passed out. The cops would handle him later. Donny and Justin left the premises.

A few days later Donny and Justin were talking again. They needed a house to stay in and they were at an old almost abandon looking neighborhood.

“Hey what about this house? It’s right up against a hill!” Justin said. Donny looked at him weirdly.

“You can pay for that?” Donny asked. Justin just smiled and replied, “Nah, it’s kinda out here in the far suburbs of San Francisco. I don’t think any cops would notice or care.” So the two decided on that house to live in. Justin was proud for at least letting whoever was left live. He also felt a little guilty for doing what Allison was trying to prevent. He also thought that she might be pissed at him for that, so he was gonna come back to her in the future one day. But right now, different thing’s beckoned Justin with his new partner in crime Donny. Little did they know, but they were one step closer to obtaining the wish orb.

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